10.1. Installing License Key

Depending on the context you operate the Virtuozzo virtual environment software in, a Virtuozzo license key is a string of symbols used as:

  • a product key that can be installed on the physical server;

  • a password that can be sent to the Virtuozzo licensing server to obtain a license file.

To install a license key, do the following:

  1. Click Install License Key on the Licensing screen.

  2. On the Install License: Enter Product Key screen, select the physical server on which you want to install the license. To do this, click the icon next to the Hardware Node field in the Install License to section. The list will display only those physical servers on which the current license key can be installed.

  3. Enter your Virtuozzo product key in the Product Key field.

  4. Click Next.

  5. Review the license details. For more information about license details, see Reviewing Installed Licenses.

  6. Click Install to either install the product key directly on the physical server or send it to the Virtuozzo licensing server, which, in turn, will generate a license file, send it back to the physical server the product key has been sent from, and install it on this physical server.

If, for some reasons, the physical server is not connected to the Internet at the moment of sending the product key, Virtuozzo Automator displays a message informing you of the fact and provides you with an installation ID and URL. You will need to use this URL on any computer connected to the Internet to open the Web page where you will be able to manually enter the installation ID and send it to the Virtuozzo host. The server will generate a key file to be either sent to your email address or saved on the disk of the computer that sent the installation ID. For this key file to be installed on the physical server, save it on its hard disk (or make it available from there, whatever way you think to be expedient) and upload it on the physical server.