7.5. Setting Power Panel Access for Customers


Virtuozzo Power Panel is only supported for Virtuozzo 6 servers.

Providing a particular customer with an access to a particular virtual environment stands for sending the customer the virtual environment administrator login and password after the virtual environment has been created. The privacy of this information ensures the customer is the only user of said virtual environment.

Virtuozzo Automator does not provide any built-in tools for binding specific customer to specific virtual environments.

When creating a virtual environment, be aware of the notes concerning the functionality of control panels (Virtuozzo Power Panel and Plesk Control Panel). For example, Virtuozzo Power Panel can be used only with Host-Routed network adapters.

After the virtual environment creation, provide the customer with the IPv4 or IPv6 address (or hostname) and TCP port of the virtual environment proper.

Additionally, the Power Panel Policy (see Managing Power Panel Policies) functionality is aimed at creating a set of rules (i.e. a policy) that restrict users access to certain functionality in Virtuozzo Power Panel or set limitations on performing certain operations in the virtual environment context. You can create a Power Panel policy to be assigned deliberately to a specific virtual environment or use one and the same policy for multiple virtual environments.