6.1. Registering Physical Server in Virtuozzo Automator

If you have installed Virtuozzo Hybrid Server 7 with GUI management, physical servers with the Compute role are registered in the Virtuozzo Automator infrastructure automatically. If you have chosen the installation with CLI management, you need to register your slave servers manually.

To register a physical server in Virtuozzo Automator, the following firewall ports should be opened:

  • on slave servers: 4433, 4434, 4435;

  • on a master server: 4533, 4534.


For the proper functioning of the registered server, you may need to open more ports. To learn information on other ports, refer to http://kb.virtuozzo.com/en/9516.

Registering a new physical server in Virtuozzo Automator is a simple action which needs entering the following information on a new server:

  • The valid IP address of the physical server that will be used by Virtuozzo Automator to connect to this physical server. The physical server’s IP address can be either of version 4 or of version 6. Enter this IP address to the Node Address field in the Connection to Hardware Node section.


    1. It is recommended to configure static IP addresses for slave servers as registered physical servers will appear offline in the VA infrastructure as soon as their IP addresses change. If the IP address of a slave server changes for some reason, follow the instructions in Changing Master and Slave Servers IP Addresses.

    2. To change the hostname of a registered physical server, unregister it from Virtuozzo Automator, change the hostname, and re-register it in VA.

  • In the Administrative Login to Hardware Node section, you need to indicate the login name and the password which are used to connect to the physical server as the administrator. Write the login name in the User Name field and the password in the Password field.

  • Selecting the Force registration even if Node is already registered in another Server Group checkbox is the option to choose when the physical server you are registering has already been and is still registered on another physical server and you need this physical server to be registered from your physical server. If you forcibly register the physical server, this physical server will be removed from the cluster it currently belongs to.

Clicking the Register button initiates the registering procedure.

The newly registered physical server will be displayed in the physical server list on the Hardware Nodes screen and accessible via Virtuozzo Automator for all the usual managing and monitoring VA operations. Besides, physical servers registered in Virtuozzo Automator form a joint physical servers pool which provides with the following collective actions:

  • creating a logical structure of physical servers and the virtual environments residing on them;

  • migrating virtual environments between physical servers;

  • copying OS and application templates from one physical server to another;

  • making virtual environment templates stored on a Virtual Manager Server available to other registered physical servers;

  • reserving pools of IP addresses and organizing IP ranges inside them.