2.8. Backing Up and Restoring the Management Database

In Virtuozzo Storage, node information, statistics, and configurations are stored in a database inside the container with the management panel. Database backups are created automatically every day.

To back up the database manually, open the SETTINGS > Management node > Backup screen and click BACKUP NOW.


Once backup is completed, the Last backup date will be refreshed.

2.8.1. Restoring the Management Database from Backup

You can restore a management database from backup to a new container on any node your cluster is mounted to. In the new container, a new management panel will be deployed, and its database will be restored from the specified backup file.

To restore the database, run the following script as shown below:

# restore-storage-ui-ct -p|--rootpw <CT_root_passwd> -i|--ip <CT_IP_addr> [-t|--tarball <backup_tarball>] [-n|--nameserver <NS1>[,<NS2>]]

Where <CT_root_passwd> and <CT_IP_addr> are the root password and new IP address of the new management panel container, <backup_tarball> is the database backup file (e.g., /mnt/vstorage/webcp/backup/backup-20170529122721.tar), and <NS1>, <NS2> are the nameserver IPs.

If you omit the --tarball, a container with a clean management panel will be created (without restoring a database backup). If you omit --nameserver, you will not be able to update the management panel in the future.