2.1. Configuring Node Network Interfaces

As described in Planning Network, Virtuozzo Storage requires one internal network for node traffic and one public network for exporting the storage space. You need to create these networks by assigning correct network roles to network interfaces on each node.


To be able to create a cluster, you will need to assign a storage role to a node’s network interface.

To assign a network role to a network interface, do the following:

  1. On the NODES screen, click the node to configure the network interface(s) of.

  2. On the node overview screen, click NETWORK.

  3. Select a network interface and click Choose role.

  4. On the Choose roles panel, select roles to assign to the network interface. For details, see Network Interface Roles.


    Assigning the network role ISCSI automatically enables high availability for virtual machines, containers, and iSCSI targets on this node. For detailed information on high availability, refer to Managing High Availability Clusters.

  5. If you need to open specific ports on a network interface with public roles, do the following:

    1. Click Configure.

    2. On the Configure custom role panel, create custom roles: click Add and specify role names and ports. Custom roles can later be assigned to any network interface in a cluster.

      To remove a custom role, make sure it is not assigned to any interface, select it, and click Remove.

    3. Click Done to return to the Choose roles panel.

  6. Select the required roles and click Done to assign them.