13. Managing Floating IP Addresses

A volume in Virtuozzo Hybrid Cloud is a virtual disk drive that can be attached to a virtual machine. The integrity of data in volumes is protected by the redundancy mode specified in the storage policy.

A virtual machine connected to a virtual network can be accessed from public networks, such as the Internet, by means of a floating IP address. Such an address is picked from a physical network and mapped to the VM’s private IP address. The floating and private IP addresses are used at the same time on the VM’s network interface. The private IP address is used to communicate with other VMs on the virtual network. The floating IP address is used to access the VM from public networks. The VM guest operating system is unaware of the assigned floating IP address.


  • You have a virtual router created, as described in Managing Virtual Routers.

  • The virtual machine to assign a floating IP to has a fixed private IP address.

  • The virtual router connects the physical network, from which a floating IP will be picked, with the VM’s virtual network.