10. Preparing Network

Virtuozzo Hybrid Cloud is a compute service with a web management panel. This page describes the typical network configuration needed to connect to the Internet and to expose compute resources to the public.

Each VHC customer gets their resources grouped and isolated in the cloud tenant we call the project. Each project has routed access to the public network (by default,

Creating many virtual private networks inside every project is possible. Each private network can be a private subnet of any private class: A, B, or C, including subranges of /24 or smaller. For example:

  • IP addresses:–

  • IP addresses:–

  • IP addresses:–

A virtual router connects one or multiple private networks to one public network. The virtual router can route traffic between private networks and perform source address translation of private IPs into public to enable internet access for the private networks. In addition, the virtual router can perform destination network address translation to expose a private IP as public.

A floating IP is the feature of a virtual router to expose a private IP as a public IP. It binds one virtual machine’s private network port to one public network IP.

Exposing multiple private ports via single floating IP with a Load Balancer feature is also possible. The load balancer is a particular virtual instance with HAproxy that redirects network traffic to multiple members according to the balancing policy.