10.2. Exposing Virtual Machine to the Internet


  • You already have a private network and a router connected to it, and a virtual machine running with a network port.

Floating IP is an IP from the public range assigned to a VM’s port in a private network.

To create and assign a floating IP address to a virtual machine:

  1. On the Floating IPs screen, click Add floating IP.

  2. In the Add floating IP address window, select a network to pick a floating IP from, VM, and port.

  3. Click Add.


On the Floating IPs screen, you will see what public IP you received. This public IP will be bound to the project even if the virtual machine is destroyed. An unassigned floating IP is a floating IP not connected to any VM. It can be used later on by assigning a VM or a load balancer to it, or it can be deleted. In this case, this IP will be lost for the project.