17. Reporting Support Issue to Virtuozzo

17.1. How Technical Support Works

All technical support is provided and documented using a support ticket system.

17.2. How to Get Technical Support

You can submit, check, and update your support requests on the self-service portal. Besides, you can see the history of all tickets you or your team raised. Anyone from your organization can have access to the self-service portal.

Self-service portal: https://support.virtuozzo.com/hc/en-us

To access the portal, you should have an account automatically created when you sign a contract with Virtuozzo. You must reset your password for the first time accessing the Virtuozzo support self-service portal. You can do it by clicking the Forgot password? link upper right, filling in the corresponding field with your email address, and clicking the Submit button. Password reset instructions will be sent out to your email. If you have any issues with a password reset or any other portal access issues, reach us via email: support-portal-issues@virtuozzo.com

Severity definitions: https://www.virtuozzo.com/all-supported-products/severity-level-definitions/

Support scope: https://www.virtuozzo.com/all-supported-products/scope-of-support/