7.9. Enabling Fast Path


This feature is currently experimental due to insufficient production usage statistics.

Fast path is a feature that may boost Virtuozzo Storage read performance if node I/O is a bottleneck. In previous versions of Virtuozzo Storage, performance could be limited by node I/O being handled in a single thread in user space. In the current version of Virtuozzo Storage, I/O is handled using multi-threading in kernel space, which eliminates unnecessary context switches and improves performance.


If node I/O is a bottleneck, enabling fast path may increase maximum node read performance up to 3 times in some cases.


Typically, node I/O may be a bottleneck in clusters with cache on SSD or all-SSD setups.

Fast path is disabled by default. To enable it, add params='kdirect=pcs' to the storage cluster mount options in /etc/fstab, for example:

vstorage://c1ddd1c28   /vz   fuse.vstorage   defaults,params='kdirect=pcs'   0   0

and reboot the node.