2. Installing Virtuozzo PowerPanel

To install PowerPanel, you need to deploy one controller (management) node and after that as many compute nodes as required. The following sections describe these procedures in detail.


Installation is performed by means of Ansible playbooks.

The following requirements that must be met to install Virtuozzo PowerPanel:

  1. The controller can only be deployed on Virtuozzo Linux 7 or CentOS 7 installed on a physical host or in a virtual machine or container. It cannot be installed on Virtuozzo 7 or inside a Virtuozzo Automator container.
  2. The controller’s physical or virtual environment must have at least 2 CPU cores and 8GB of RAM.
  3. The compute component can only be installed on a Virtuozzo 7 host.
  4. Operating systems on the controller and all compute nodes must be fully updated.
  5. Each node in the PowerPanel cluster—the controller and all computes—must have a fully qualified domain name (FQDN) and be accessible by it.
  6. Time must be synchronized on the controller and all compute nodes. For example, by running on each node yum install ntpdate && ntpdate pool.ntp.org.