4.2. Managing Virtual Environment Assignments

Virtual environments listed in the Unassigned group can be assigned to users available to Virtuozzo PowerPanel.


Users that have no VEs assigned are not shown in the list on the main screen.

To assign one or more VEs to a user:

  1. Check the boxes of the required VEs and click Assign above the VE list.

  2. Select a user in the opened drop-down list and click OK.


To assign a single VE to a user, you can also click the VE area to expand it, click Assign in the VE area, select a user in the opened drop-down list, and click OK.

Unassigning VEs from users is done in a similar way by means of the Unassign button.

4.2.1. Assigning Virtual Environments to Users from Command Line

You can also assign virtual environments to users from command line as follows:

# vzapi instance update --new-user <username> --new-project <username> <VE_UUID>


If MFA is enabled, replace vzapi <cmd> with vzapi --os-cloud local-credential <cmd>. For more details, see Managing Multi-Factor Authentication.

This can be useful if you need to automate the assignment process, for example.