2.4. Upgrading Virtuozzo PowerPanel


Make a complete backup of the controller before upgrading.


Virtuozzo PowerPanel services may need to be stopped and restarted during upgrade, resulting in a certain downtime.

Typically, notifications are sent out about each Virtuozzo PowerPanel release, so you know when you can upgrade. In addition, you can manually check for upgrades at any time using vzapi-installer check-upgrade --minimal or --full. The latter option provides more ways to filter command’s JSON output.

The output may look like this:

# vzapi-installer check-upgrade --minimal
    "ppcontroller.example.com": {
        "status": "updates-available",
        "updates": [
    "ppnode1.example.com": {
     "status": "updates-available",
     "updates": [

After confirming that an upgrade is available, you can install it with these commands:

# yum update vzapi-installer
# vzapi-installer upgrade <upgrade_package>

Where <upgrade_package> is the URL of the pp-release package that installs a repository for the upgrade. The URL becomes available when an upgrade is released. It is mentioned in Deploying the Controller as well as the release notes.

The upgrade process requires no other interaction from the administrator. All the necessary changes are automatically made to both the controller and compute nodes.