4.4. Miscellaneous Tasks

4.4.1. Setting Backup Limit for Virtual Environments

By default, each user can create up to 3 backups of each of their virtual environments. To change the default value for both existing and new VEs, do the following:

  1. Set the backup_limit parameter in the [DEFAULT] section of the file /etc/vzapi/vzapi.conf. For example:

    backup_limit = 5

    This will apply the new backup limit to new VEs on compute nodes to be added to the Virtuozzo PowerPanel infrastructure.

  2. Restart the vzapi-compute service on existing compute nodes. This will apply the new backup limit to new VEs on these nodes.

  3. On the controller node, set the same backup limit for existing VEs manually. For example:

    # mysql vzapi --execute="UPDATE instances SET backup_limit=5;"


Backup directory (/vz/vmprivate/backups by default) can be changed with the prlsrvctl set --backup-path <path> command.

4.4.2. Setting Idle Timeout

By default, users are automatically logged out of Virtuozzo PowerPanel after 24 hours of inactivity. You can change this default value by setting the expiration parameter (in seconds) in the [token] section in the file /etc/keystone/keystone.conf. For example:

expiration = 43200