2.1. Logging in to Virtuozzo PowerPanel

To log in to the Virtuozzo PowerPanel web interface, visit its address obtained from your service provider in a supported web browser.


The latest versions of popular web browsers are supported: Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Opera, Safari.

If prompted, accept the self-signed certificate and add it to browser’s exceptions.


Some browsers, e.g., Firefox, require exceptions to be added in the form of <controller_address>:<port> for ports 6556, 6557, and 35357.

You will be taken to the welcome screen where you will need to enter the username and password obtained from your service provider.


If multi-factor authentication (MFA) is enabled, you will need to scan the QR code and enter a one-time password to activate MFA. If you click Cancel, MFA will remain enabled but not activated. In that case, you will log in with the user name and password as before, but will see the QR code every time until MFA is activated.


If MFA has been activated, you will need to enter a one-time password.


After logging in, you will be taken to the main screen of Virtuozzo PowerPanel.


At any time, you can click the Virtuozzo PowerPanel logo in the top left corner to return to the main screen.


On the main screen you can see the list of your virtual environments. Above the list you can see buttons for tasks that you can perform on multiple VEs if you have more than one. In the top right corner you can see your username as well as the bell icon, clicking which opens the log screen, and the log out icon.

Each VE area in the list expands on click, showing more details about the VE, including state, type, UUID, hostname, IP address (assigned by the service provider), operating system, virtual hardware configuration and real-time resource consumption, backups, and VNC console. In the VE area, you can also see the buttons for tasks available for this specific VE.


2.1.1. Logging in to Manage Single Virtual Environments

Virtuozzo PowerPanel is designed to enable easy management of multiple VEs from a single web panel. If for some reason, you need to manage just one VE in Virtuozzo PowerPanel, you can do so by logging in from an old-style welcome screen accessible at https://<PowerPanel_address>/login/ve.


You will need to provide your VE’s hostname or IP address as well as credentials for logging in to the VE itself (and not the credentials for Virtuozzo PowerPanel).