2.3. Repairing Containers


This feature requires all nodes in the PowerPanel infrastructure to run Virtuozzo Hybrid Server 7.5 or newer.

If a container malfunctions, starting it in the repair mode may help you fix it. Do the following:

  1. Open the broken (original) container details in the list and click Repair.

    A temporary container will be created with the same name, parameters, and user accounts as the original container. The temporary container will start and the original container’s root will be mounted to /repair in it.

  2. Log in to the temporary container as you would log in to the original one (see Logging in to Virtual Machines and Containers via VNC). You can now save the critical data from /repair to an external location or try to fix the container.


    Never save the critical data to the temporary container. It will be automatically destroyed when stopped.

  3. After saving the critical data or fixing the original container, stop the temporary container by clicking Stop.

    The original container’s root will be unmounted and the temporary container will be destroyed.

  4. If the original container has been fixed, start it by clicking Start and log in to it as usual. If you saved the critical data and the original container cannot be fixed, reinstall it as described in Reinstalling Containers and upload the saved data back.