10.5. Converting Containers with almaconvert8

Virtuozzo Hybrid Server introduces the option of converting the CentOS 7, CentOS 8, VzLinux 7, and VzLinux 8 operating systems running on a container to AlmaLinux 8.

To use this option, download and install the vzdeploy8 package:

yum install  https://repo.virtuozzo.com/vzlinux/vzdeploy/vzdeploy8.rpm

Use the almaconvert8 list command to list all the containers available for converting. For example:

# almaconvert8 list



Execute the almaconvert8 list-cpanel command to list containers with cPanel installed inside, available for converting to AlmaLinux 8.

Run the almaconvert8 convert command to convert a container from one operating system to AlmaLinux 8. For example, to convert the MyCT container to AlmaLinux 8, use the following:

# almaconvert8 convert MyCT

If you need to convert several containers simultaneously, run the following:

# almaconvert8 convert --parallel 7

7 is the number of containers that undergo the conversion concurrently.

Find below the list of options you can use when running the almaconvert8 convert command.

almaconvert8 convert [-h] [--dry-run] [-q] [-v] [--log LOG]
                     [--parallel [parallel]] [--elevate] [--strict]
                     CT [CT1 CT2 ... CTn]




The UUID, CTID, or name of the container to convert. If there are several containers to convert, delimit them by spaces.

-h, --help

Provide the list of flags used with almaconvert8 convert.


Check that the conversion is possible.

-q, --quiet

Suppress the output.

-v, --verbose

Provide detailed processing information.

--log LOG

Dump all the information and messages to the specified log file.

--parallel [parallel]

The number of simultaneous conversions to execute.


Call the elevate upgrade scripts and wait for them to complete. To use this option for vzdeploy8-1.0.63-1 or later, ensure you are running at least Virtuozzo Hybrid Server 7.5 Update 6 or later versions.


Call the elevate script with the --continue parameter. It does not have an effect without the --elevate key.


Block the conversion when a precheck message appears.


The --elevate option is an experimental feature for third-party scripts and is optional. Use it only when you have a complete understanding of the way this option is used. If you need to check the version of the tool, run the following command:

# almaconvert8 version