9.2. Licensing Leostream Connection Broker

Your Connection Broker license is derived from the serial number you received from Leostream Sales. If you do not have a Leostream 9 serial number, please contact sales@leostream.com. To obtain your license key:

  1. Point a web browser at the IP address of the machine running the Connection Broker. The Connection Broker Sign In page opens.

  2. Log into your Connection Broker using the following default administrator credentials:

  3. On the Leostream License page, select Enter manually from the How do you want to enter your license key drop-down menu.

  4. Below the drop-down, click the link to go to https://license.leostream.com. The installation code for your Connection Broker is automatically populated.

  5. Enter the serial number you obtained from Leostream sales.

  6. Enter the email address associated with that serial number.

  7. Click Generate a license.

  8. Click the Apply to the broker button above the generated license key. The browser returns to the Leostream License page.

  9. Select the I have read and accept the License Agreement check box.

  10. Click Save.


The generated license key is linked to this Connection Broker installation or cluster. If you rebuild your Connection Broker or create a second Leostream environment, contact sales@leostream.com to obtain a new serial number for that environment.

After you license your Connection Broker, you arrive at the Dashboard > Pool Statistics page, shown in the following figure.


There are six main management pages accessible from the menu along the left side:

  • Signed in indicates who is logged in and contains tools for logging out and resetting the Administrator Password.

  • Dashboard provides information about pool statistics, reports, and Leostream component downloads.

  • Setup integrates with external systems, such as Authentication Servers, MFA providers, Virtuozzo Hybrid Infrastructure, and Leostream Gateways.

  • Configuration defines VDI workflows, including pools, protocol plans, power control plans, release plans policies, locations, and assignments.

  • Resources lists all managed resources, including virtual machines imported from or generated on Virtuozzo Hybrid Infrastructure.

  • System configures system parameters, such as SNMP, Alerts, Backups, add SSL certificates.