1. What is Leostream?

Leostream is a VDI/DaaS management solution which enables cloud service providers and managed service providers to create, secure and manage multi-tenant Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)environments and offer Desktop as a Service, running on top of Virtuozzo Hybrid Infrastructure Platform.

In this integration Virtuozzo Hybrid Infrastructure will act as an Infrastructure service provider (IaaS) for Leostream, which will:

  • Integrate with Identity Providers such as Active Directory and LDAP to authenticate users accessing the VDI environment and provide domain authentication to your Virtual Desktops.

  • Support Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) providers such as Duo, Ping ID and Okta.

  • Leverage your corporate Identity Provider (IdP) for authentication into your Leostream environment, using Leostream’s support for the SAML protocol.

  • Create pools of virtual desktops based on a golden image.

  • Automatically scale up and scale down your virtual desktop pools.

  • Automatically join provisioned virtual desktops to your Active Directory domain.

  • Manage multiple virtual desktop infrastructure tenants.

  • Manage the lifecycle of virtual desktops in your pools, including power state and termination.

  • Manage multiple clouds or infrastructure as a service (IaaS) providers from a single console.

  • Granularly define virtual desktop access control rules and assignment by leveraging, Leostream policies, plans, and assignments.

  • Clientless access and multiple display protocol support for HTML5-based RDP, VNC, and SSH viewer.

  • Monitor Leostream environments using SMTP and get updates via e-mail.

  • Manage user access based on location, for example internal vs external network.

  • Generate reports for resource usage, login history, assignment, and Leostream Connection Broker metrics.

1.1. Leostream Platform Components

The Leostream Connection Broker: The backbone of the Leostream platform. From the Leostream Connection Broker you can manage and configure your virtual desktop infrastructure. The Leostream Connection Broker is also responsible for authenticating the user, offering resources (Desktops), assigning virtual desktops, and managing their lifecycle when they are returned to the pool by applying release and power policies.

The Leostream Gateway: A secure gateway that provides access to Virtual Desktops behind a secured zone. Clients, can access remote desktops via the gateway using the HTML5-based web interface which has support for SSH, RDP or VNC protocols and allows you to access remote desktops via the web interface and without the Leostream Connect App. If using the Leostream Connect App clients can connect to the remote desktops using the following protocols RDP, VNC, NoMachine or Mechdyne GTX amongst others.

The Leostream Agent: This component is installed on the Virtual Desktops and provides information to the Leostream Connection Broker about, connected users, actions such as login, reboot etc. This information is used by the Leostream Connection Broker to understand the status of a remote Virtual Desktop, also enables features such as USB device passthrough and network printer redirection. The agent is available for Linux, Windows, and MacOS Operating Systems. For more details see Leostream Agent Administrator’s Guide.

The Leostream Connect App: The connect software is a client provided by Leostream that allows users to connect to Remote Desktops. For more details, see the Leostream Connect Administrator’s Guide.

Database: The Leostream Connection Broker stores all the information on a Database and for large scale deployments an external Database is recommended. PostgreSQL, Azure SQL, or Microsoft SQL Server are supported.

Architectural Overview

The following figure shows a high-level architecture overview for a typical Leostream deployment on Virtuozzo Hybrid Infrastructure.