4. Creating Networks for Leostream

After creating the domain, project, and users for your Leostream environment, use the self-service portal to configure the required network. The self-service portal is typically available at:

  1. Log in to the self-service portal, with the credentials for the project user.

  2. Go to the Networks page to create four networks for your deployment:

    • VDI-network

    • AD-Network

    • Gateway-Network

    • Broker-Network.

    Click the Create virtual network button and proceed through the wizard to configure the networks as per your requirements. For more info on how to create networks check here Creating Compute Networks and look for the steps to create a virtual network.

    If you are integrating with Active Directory, add your Active Directory IP as your DNS Server for the VDI-network as shown in the following figure.

  3. Go to the Routers page to create a Virtual Router. Ensure that you enable SNAT, as shown in the following figure, in order to allow the VMs access to the internet. For more information, see Creating virtual routers.


When completed, your virtual router appears similar to the example shown in the following figure. Security groups can be created in order to restrict and isolate the networks if needed. Later in this document we will enumerate the ports that must be allowed between the Leostream Connection Broker, the Leostream Gateway and the virtual desktops.