11.3. Adding Leostream Gateway

You add your Leostream Gateway to your Connection Broker, as follows.

  1. Go to Setup > Gateways page.

  2. Click the Add Gateway link.

  3. In the Add Gateway form, enter a name for the Gateway in the Name edit field.

  4. For this example, enter the publicly accessible IP address or hostname for your Leostream Gateway. If you are placing the Leostream Gateway behind your corporate firewall, enter the public address of your firewall.

  5. In the IP address or FQDN used for Connection Broker communications to this Gateway field, enter the private address of your Leostream Gateway. This address is optional. If provided, the Connection Broker communicates with the Leostream Gateway using a private address. This address is never used for forwarding display protocol traffic.

  6. If this gateway is used to forward client-based display-protocol traffic, use the Method for routing display protocol traffic through this Leostream Gateway drop-down menu to indicate which method the gateway uses to configure the firewall rule for routing traffic.

    Note that the option you select here has ramifications on the ports you must open in the Security Group assigned to your Leostream Gateway virtual machine. The method for routing display protocol influences which ports should be open on your Leostream Gateway.

  7. Click Save. After saving the form, the Connection Broker registers with the Leostream Gateway and you can now use the gateway in your protocol plans.