2.3. Prerequisites

  • The Leostream Connection Broker needs to access the OpenStack API endpoint in order to manage the infrastructure.

  • A user with admin rights for Virtuozzo Hybrid Infrastructure, which will be used to create a Domain, Users and Project described in the next section. The project in Virtuozzo Hybrid Infrastructure must include enough resources for the Leostream components and the VDI infrastructure.

  • You will also need an image for CentOS 7 available on your Virtuozzo Hybrid Infrastructure project.

  • A VM with Active Directory Configured, we will be using Active Directory as the authentication method to access Virtual Desktops.

  • A golden Virtual Desktop image (a Windows Desktop image with the Leostream Agent installed ensure this image is created after installing the Leostream Connection Broker, as we will need the IP of the Leostream Connection Broker for the agent). This image will be used as a base for the creation of the Pools.

  • A Leostream Serial Number to generate the License.