2.1. Example Overview

In this integration guide, our goal will be to explain how to integrate Leostream with Virtuozzo Hybrid Infrastructure. We will be using a Windows 2019 image as a master image/blueprint to create desktops on the VDI pool. We will configure a basic pool; we’ll define the concept of pools later. This pool will be in charge of automatically provisioning virtual desktops in order to meet the demand (users logging in to the Gateway). We will also define the minimum/maximum number of virtual desktops our pool will be able to deliver. Leostream, will also be configured to use Active Directory as an authentication method to grant access to our desktop pool resources, every time an Active Directory user logs in to the gateway, it will be forwarded to the Leostream Connection Broker, if the user is a valid AD user, they will be offered a floating desktop (roaming profiles will be used) from the available desktops in the pool. Every time the user logs out from the virtual desktop, the desktop will be freed and offered to another user on login, if there are not enough resources our Leostream Connection Broker will provision them until it hits the provisioning limit.