8. Installing Leostream Connection Broker

Prior to installing your Connection Broker or Leostream Gateway, install the latest updates on both operating systems. After the updates are applied, if your Connection Broker instance has access to the internet, you can install the Connection Broker by logging into the instance’s console and executing the following command:

curl http://downloads.leostream.com/broker.prod.sh | bash

If your Connection Broker instance does not have internet access, download the Connection Broker package from the following location and copy the file into the Connection Broker instance.


After the installation is complete, ensure that your Connection Broker can access the OpenStack API endpoint in order to manage Virtuozzo Hybrid Infrastructure. You can do this by running the following command, and shown by example in the following figure.

curl -k https://external_openstack_ip:5000/v3.0 ; echo

The Connection Broker uses the private IP address assigned by Virtuozzo Hybrid Infrastructure on the network you selected when creating the VM. To access the Connection Broker Administrator Web interface, you must be able to access the Connection Broker from a Web browser, which you can do by enabling Connection Broker forwarding on the Leostream Gateway, as described in the following section.