13.4. Testing Connection Broker Configuration

To test your Connection Broker, ensure that users are being assigned to the correct policy, and offered the correct desktops. You can test user logins before the user has ever logged into, and been loaded into, Leostream.

  1. Navigate to the Resources > Users menu. As users log into your Leostream environment, their user information is added to this page. You do not need to load users before they can log in.

  2. Click the Test Login link at the top of the page, shown in the following figure.

  3. In the Test Login form that opens, enter the name of the user to test in the User Name edit field.

  4. If you are allowing the user to specify their domain, select a domain from the Domain drop-down.

  5. Click Run Test. The Connection Broker searches the authentication server for your user, and then presents a report, for example:


See “Testing User Role and Policy Assignment” in the Connection Broker Administrator’s Guide for information on interpreting test login results.


Please complete a login test and ensure that your user is offered the correct policy, protocol plan, and desktop before proceeding.