12.1. Creating Pools

When using Leostream to provision new instances in Virtuozzo Hybrid Infrastructure, the key is to construct your pool in a way that ensures that newly provisioned desktops become members of that pool. One method is to set the pool to contain all instances in the Virtuozzo Hybrid Infrastructure project associated with the center you created in the previous chapter.

If that pool definition is too broad, another easy way to ensure that new desktops become part of a pool is to define the pool based on the instance name, which you set during provisioning, for example:

  1. Go to the Configuration > Pools page.

  2. Click the Create Pool link. The Create Pool form opens.

  3. Enter a name for the pool in the Name edit field.

  4. In the first row of the Desktop Attribute Selection section:

    1. Select Name from the Desktop attribute drop-down menu.

    2. Select begins with from the Conditional drop-down menu.

    3. In the Text value field, enter the name you will use for all the instances in this pool. For example, the following form looks for virtual machines with a name that contains the text desktop.

  5. Click Save to save the pool.

For a complete description of creating pools, see the “Creating Desktop Pools” chapter in the Connection Broker Administrator’s Guide.