12.4. Joining Instances to Domain

You can use Leostream to join Windows virtual machines to an Active Directory domain. When enabled, the Connection Broker attempts to join the desktop to the domain any time the Leostream Agent on the desktop registers with the Connection Broker, for example, when a desktop is provisioned or when you reboot the desktop.

Before configuring a pool to join desktops to a domain, you must define the Active Directory domain on the Setup > Authentication Servers page.

To enable domain joining for a pool:

  1. Select the Join virtual machine to a domain option in the Domain Join section, shown in the following figure.

  2. Select the domain from the Domain drop-down menu.

  3. Optionally, from the Organizational Unit drop-down menu, select an OU for the desktops.

  4. To reset the desktops hostname when joining it to the domain, select the Set desktop hostname to virtual machine name check box. With this option selected, the Leostream Agent attempts to set the hostname to the value shown in the Name column on the Resources > Desktops page.

    If the pool provisions new desktops, this is the name found in the Virtual machine name edit field. The Name field must contain a valid hostname, as follows:

    1. The name uses only the standard character set for Computer Name, which includes letters, numbers, and the following symbols: ! @ # $ % ^ & ' ) ( . - _ { } ~.

    2. Then Name cannot be longer than 15 characters.

Leostream performs the domain join for any desktop in the pool that is not already joined to a domain. Leostream does not have to provision the desktop to perform the domain join.