13.2. Building User Policies

After you define pools and plans, you can then build policies.


The Leostream Connection Broker defines a policy as a set of rules that determine how desktops are offered, connected, and managed for a user, including what specific desktops are offered, which power control and release plans are applied to those desktops, what USB devices the user can access in their remote desktop, and more.

The Connection Broker provides a Default policy that applies if no other policy exists or is applicable. The Default policy assigns one desktop from the All Desktops pool. You can edit this policy to offer desktops from the pool you created in Chapter 5, as follows.

  1. Go to the Configuration > Policies menu.

  2. Click the Edit link next to the Default policy. The Edit Policy form, shown in the following figure, opens.

  3. Go to the Pool Assignments tab, shown in the following figure.

  4. Click the kabob menu on the left side of the All Desktops pool and select Edit.

  5. In the Edit Pool Assignment form, use the Pool menu to select the pool you created previously. When a user is offered this policy, the Connection Broker sorts the desktops in the selected pool based on the other policy settings, then offers the user the top n desktops from the pool, where n is the number selected in the Number of desktops to offer drop-down menu.

    Scroll down to the Plans section and notice that the policy already uses the default protocol, power control, and release plans. If you created new plans, use the drop-down menus in this section to select your plans.

  6. Click Save.

Use the Create Policy link at the top of the Configuration > Policies page to create new policies. You can create as many policies as you need to model the different VDI workflows in your organization, however each user is assigned to one policy. If users need access to multiple pools, add those pools to the user’s policy.

For a complete description of setting up policies, see “Configuring User Experience by Policy” in the Connection Broker Administrator’s Guide.