10.2. Installing Leostream Agent

When installed on a desktop, the Leostream Agent provides the Connection Broker with additional information about the user’s session, including:

  • When the user logs into the remote desktop

  • When the user disconnects from the remote session

  • When the user logs off of the remote desktop

  • When the user locks or unlocks their remote desktop

  • When the user’s session is idle

In addition, the Connection Broker requires the Leostream Agent to enforce certain role and policy options, including:

  • Adding Local Users or adding users to the Remote Desktop Users group

  • Taking actions when the user disconnects from their remote session

  • Using release plan options to lock, disconnect, or log out the user after their session is idle

  • Attaching network printers specified by Connection Broker printer plans

  • Using registry plans to modify or create registry keys on the remote desktop

  • Changing the hostname and joining newly provisioned Windows virtual machines to an Active Directory domain

Leostream provides a Leostream Agent version for Windows operating systems and a Java version of the Leostream Agent for Linux operating systems. Ensure that you download the appropriate Leostream Agent from the Leostream Downloads page. Consult the Leostream Installation Guide for instructions on how to install the Leostream Agent on your Virtuozzo Hybrid Infrastructure virtual machines.

The Connection Broker address can be specified when you install the Leostream Agent. If you need to specify or change the Connection Broker address after the Leostream Agent is installed, you can use the Leostream Control Panel dialog in Windows or set the address in the leostreamagent.conf file on Linux. See the Leostream Agent Administrator’s Guide for more information.