Product update: Virtuozzo Automator 7 Update 1 (VA MN: 7.0.1-728, VA Agent: 7.0.1-430)

Issue date: 2017-03-06

Applies to: Virtuozzo Automator 7

Virtuozzo Advisory ID: VZA-2017-013

1. Overview

The new packages for Virtuozzo Automator 7 introducing new features as well as usability and stability bug fixes.

2. New Features

  • Ability to upgrade from Virtuozzo Automator 6.1 to Virtuozzo Automator 7.1. For details, see the Virtuozzo Automator Administrator’s Guide.

  • Support for Virtuozzo 6 physical servers. Virtuozzo 6 hardware nodes can now be managed in Virtuozzo Automator 7.

  • Support for offline licenses for VA management Node. You can now install VA management Node licenses from license files.

  • Ability to restore backups into new virtual environments in the VA Management Node. For details, see the Virtuozzo Automator Administrator’s Guide.

  • The license request link is now more noticeable.

  • Ability to manage containers with the Plesk control panel, including Plesk Onyx. You can now install Plesk application templates on physical servers, add them to containers hosted on these servers, and manage these containers via Plesk. For details, see the Virtuozzo Automator Administrator’s Guide.

  • Support for VLANs. You can now add and delete VLANs in the VA Management Node.

3. Bug Fixes

  • Fixed collection of CPU statistics in VA MN. (PVA-36535)

  • Changing container’s private area in the host settings in VA MN resulted in deletion of the ‘VEFSTYPE’ parameter from ‘/etc/vz/vz.conf’, blocking container creation. (PVA-36516)

  • License could not be activated if an IP address was only assigned to the teamed network interface and not ethX interfaces. (PVA-36332)

  • Could not create a virtual environment from template in case of automatic hardware node selection. (PVA-36325)

  • VA MN could not start virtual machines. (PVA-36317)

  • VA MN did not show all HDD interface types shown by ‘prlctl’. (PVA-36265)

  • VA MN could show a wrong value in the ‘Subscription’ field in license details. (PVA-36252)

  • ‘Up-to-date Status’ could remain ‘n/a’ on the updates screen. (PVA-36230)

  • Resource consumption was not reported correctly for VMs with installed guest tools. (PVA-36182)

  • Containers could remain listed on the source hardware node (in a Virtuozzo Storage cluster) after migration to another hardware node. (PVA-36149)

  • Containers created in VA MN had incorrect ‘ORIGIN_SAMPLE’ value set in their configuration. (PVA-36128)

  • Old help page was being shown for VE console. (PVA-36067)

  • Needed to remove the ‘icons only’ UI mode. (PVA-36019)

  • Unnecessary confirmation request to suspend virtual environments. (PVA-35253)

  • In VA MN, systemd services were shown as SysV services. (PVA-34909)

  • Fixed support of QEMU extended keyevents in VNC client (Virtuozzo 7 only). (PVA-34352)

  • Traffic statistics could still be shown for stopped containers. (PVA-34101)

  • Numerous UI tweaks and fixes to improve user experience, including relocation of the ‘Tasks’ list to the top part of the VA window.

4. Installing the Update

Install the update by running ‘yum update’.

The JSON file with the list of new and updated packages is available at