Virtuozzo Hybrid Infrastructure 5.4 Update 2 (5.4.2-58)

Issue date: 2023-05-10

Applies to: Virtuozzo Hybrid Infrastructure 5.4

Virtuozzo Advisory ID: VZA-2023-013

1. Overview

In this release, Virtuozzo Hybrid Infrastructure provides a range of new features that cover the compute services, core and object storage, integrations, monitoring and alerts. Additionally, this release delivers stability improvements and addresses issues found in previous releases.

2. New Features

  • [Compute service] Static routes management within a VPN. Now, static routes for remote subnets configured within a VPN connection are managed automatically.

  • [Compute service] Improved PostgreSQL service performance. Added periodic checks and deletion of unused OpenStack objects.

  • [Compute service] Support for external enterprise-grade NAS appliances. Added the possibility to emulate block storage devices in virtual machines by using NFS shares from remote NAS appliances. In this release, the external NFS storage support is an experimental feature, which is not intended for use in production environments.

  • [Compute service] Support for an upgrade to Kubernetes version 1.24.

  • [Compute service] Improvements in Kubernetes. Kubernetes version upgrades now avoid duplicate package upgrades.

  • [Compute service] Setting passwords for virtual machines. Self-service users are able to set a password for the default administrator and use it to access specific virtual machines, instead of an SSH key.

  • [Compute service] Project and quota management for domain administrators. Domain administrators can be allowed to manage projects and project quotas within the assigned domain in the self-service panel.

  • [Compute service] New project and domain filters. Added project and domain filters for the compute service in the admin panel, to improve manageability of large compute clusters.

  • [Core storage] Improved storage performance for sequential operations. With enabled checksumming, storage performance is improved for sequential write and read operations.

  • [Object storage] CORS policies for S3 buckets. Users can manage cross-origin resource sharing (CORS) configurations by using S3-compatible API methods.

  • [Integrations] Support for the vinfra CLI on third-party operating systems. It is possible to automate the remote configuration of Virtuozzo Hybrid Infrastructure clusters by using the vinfra command-line tool on third-party operating systems (macOS and Linux).

  • [Monitoring and alerts]Improved cluster monitoring. Added an alert to warn system administrators when the management node high availability has four nodes, instead of three or five.

3. Important Notes

  • Starting from the next major release, Virtuozzo Hybrid Infrastructure will run on Linux kernel 5.x. To be able to update your cluster without service downtime, your hardware must be supported. Virtuozzo Hybrid Infrastructure with the new kernel works on the same hardware that is recommended for Red Hat Enterprise Linux. Ensure that the hardware you are using or going to use has the required certification for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 9.

  • During the update, you may receive false-positive alerts. Please wait until the update installation is complete, as the raised alerts will be cleared automatically.

4. Bug Fixes

  • The NTP server inside virtual machines may not work properly with a floating IP address. (VSTOR-67919)

  • Volumes with external PureStorage that are attached to virtual machines cannot be resized. (VSTOR-67791)

  • Avoid unnecessary virtual IP reconfiguration when high availability is not changed. (VSTOR-67423)

  • Unable to assign the metadata or storage role to a disk with an existing MBR partition. (VSTOR-67255)

  • Object storage fails if volumes were created in a version earlier than 2.3. (VSTOR-67156)

  • Fixed permissions for the Gnocchi directory on different cluster nodes. (VSTOR-66736)

  • Added details to the log entry of a validation error that occurs during the compute cluster creation. (VSTOR-66563)

  • Fixed IQN validation in the admin panel. (VSTOR-66519)

  • Fixed a false-positive alert ‘Software RAID is not fully synced.’ (VSTOR-65508)

  • A VPN may get stuck in the ‘pending_create’ state if the router HA ports were deleted. (VSTOR-63357)

  • Remove the free licensed space value from the compute overview screen. (VSTOR-62270)

  • The compute cluster deployment may get stuck in the ‘deploying’ state. (VSTOR-45919)

  • Important stability and performance improvements. (VSTOR-67733, VSTOR-66925, VSTOR-66516, VSTOR-66299, VSTOR-66187, VSTOR-66051, VSTOR-60531)

5. Known Issues

  • The false-positive alert ‘RabbitMQ node is down’ appears when the compute cluster is deployed and the management node high availability is disabled. (VSTOR-67365)

  • A Kubernetes upgrade may not work if the DNS name of the compute API has been changed. (VSTOR-68064)

6. Installing the Update

You can update Virtuozzo Hybrid Infrastructure in the SETTINGS > UPDATE section of the admin panel. A reboot is not required to obtain this update.

The new and updated packages are listed in the JSON file.