Virtuozzo Hybrid Server 7.5 Hotfix 2 (7.5.0-605)

Issue date: 2020-02-16

Applies to: Virtuozzo Hybrid Server 7.5

Virtuozzo Advisory ID: VZA-2021-009

1. Overview

The Hotfix 2 for Virtuozzo Hybrid Server 7.5 provides a new feature as well as stability and usability bug fixes.

2. New Features

  • Virtuozzo Linux 8 is now available as a guest OS in Virtuozzo system containers.

3. Bug Fixes

  • Ploop corruptions after updating to Virtuozzo Hybrid Server 7.5. (PSBM-124770)

  • libvirt could hang while reading large output from iptables. (PSBM-124714)

  • The ‘ploop’ utility did not allow to de-duplicate duplicated storage clusters. (PSBM-124411)

  • libvirt could crash during qemu update. (PSBM-124713)

  • The ‘virsh undefine’ command was broken for the Virtuozzo driver. (PSBM-124712)

  • pdrs could be killed by SIGABRT. (PSBM-124716)

4. Installing the Update

Install the update with ‘yum update’.

The JSON file with the list of new and updated packages is available at