Virtuozzo Hybrid Server 7.5 Update 4 (7.5.4-465)

Issue date: 2022-12-19

Applies to: Virtuozzo Hybrid Server 7.5

Virtuozzo Advisory ID: VZA-2022-036

1. Overview

Virtuozzo Hybrid Server 7.5 Update 4 introduces new features and provides stability and usability bug fixes. It also introduces a new kernel 3.10.0-1160.80.1.vz7.191.4.

2. New Features

  • AlmaLinux 8 is now a default OS template instead of CentOS 7. (PSBM-140445)

  • Updated Virtuozzo Storage packages to the latest version. (PSBM-142063)

  • Support for CloudLinux 8 as a guest OS in virtual machines. (PSBM-120725)

  • Updated Open vSwitch packages to the latest 2.9.2 version for new feature support and stability. (PSBM-140402)

  • Improved system defaults for containers on EZ templates for better performance and stability. (PSBM-142682)

  • Ability to monitor I/O speed for virtual machines and containers via Prometheus. (PSBM-141933)

  • Partial support for FreeBSD 13.x, FreeBSD 12.x, FreeBSD 11.x, FreeBSD 10.x, and FreeBSD 9.x as guest operating systems in virtual machines. (PSBM-141790)

  • Support for AlmaLinux 9 OS template. (PSBM-140603)

  • Other updates. (VSTOR-57477, VSTOR-46596, VSTOR-53720, VSTOR-53198)

3. Bug Fixes

  • Node IP was not set when changing ‘vnc_listen’ in ‘/etc/libvirt/qemu.conf.’ (PSBM-142718)

  • Under some circumstances, the ‘prlctl backup’ command could fail for VMs. (PSBM-143636)

  • The Yaml file was generated with the wrong network configurations for Ubuntu 22.04 VMs. (PSBM-142848)

  • Failed to create a VE backup in ‘–push-with-reversed-delta’ mode if not a root user. (PSBM-142848)

  • Sometimes, the ‘vzreport.tgz’ file could have corrupted data. (PSBM-142678)

  • In specific cases, the ‘prlctl migrate’ command could fail. (PSBM-141060)

  • ‘userm’ could fail when retrieving or editing a user in a container. (PSBM-140876)

  • Long execution of the ‘vzlist’ command. (PSBM-140574)

  • VCMMD failed after updating to 7.5 Update 3. (PSBM-140023)

  • Different storage services could not restart due to a deadlock in the signal handler. (VSTOR-50626)

  • Stability fixes for object storage. (VSTOR-50968, VSTOR-51857, VSTOR-52213)

  • Fixed a wrong archive size for some cases. (VSTOR-47111)

  • Stability and performance improvements. (VSTOR-49700, VSTOR-49499, VSTOR-51125, VSTOR-50968, VSTOR-50627, VSTOR-53873, VSTOR-56486, VSTOR-56430, VSTOR-56370)

  • Critical stability fixes for the core storage. (VSTOR-51858, VSTOR-51604, VSTOR-59714, VSTOR-60216)

  • Fixed the root cause of the alert ‘Cluster had blocked or slow replication.’ (VSTOR-54265)

  • Erasure coding files had huge journals. (VSTOR-55235)

  • Increased the limit for open object storage files from 1024 to 10000. (VSTOR-51510)

  • An S3 bucket size was set incorrectly after a successful upload. (VSTOR-54208)

  • Other fixes. (PSBM-143395, PSBM-143283, PSBM-143117, PSBM-142996, PSBM-142895, PSBM-141048, PSBM-142835, PSBM-142718, PSBM-142523, PSBM-142489, PSBM-141883, PSBM-141748, PSBM-141587, PSBM-141578, PSBM-141526, PSBM-141417, PSBM-141122, PSBM-141013, PSBM-140656, PSBM-140306, PSBM-139963, PSBM-139382, PSBM-139322, PSBM-139084, PSBM-138754, PSBM-137949, PSBM-104928, PSBM-100296, PSBM-96288, PSBM-95667, PSBM-93753, PSBM-68961, PSBM-51069, PSBM-27908)

4. Known Issues

After upgrading a node in a mixed cluster, you cannot migrate VEs (virtual machines and containers) created in datastores with encoding EC 3+2, 5+2, 7+2, or 17+3 from VHS 7.5 Update 4 to VHS 7.5 Update 3. However, the migration of VEs created in local datastores and datastores with a 3-replica and 2-replica data redundancy mode is available. A mixed cluster is not supported and exists during the upgrade only.

The new and updated packages are listed in the JSON file.