Virtuozzo Hybrid Infrastructure 4.6 Update 1

Issue date: 2021-07-28

Affected products: Virtuozzo Hybrid Infrastructure 4.6

Virtuozzo Advisory ID: VZA-2021-039

1. Overview

This update provides new features, as well as bug fixes and improvements.

2. New Features

  • Update of Kubernetes versions. You can manually initiate a Kubernetes cluster update to a newer version when it becomes available.

  • Creating virtIO disks for virtual machines. To boost I/O performance of virtual machines, you can configure their boot disks to use the virtIO bus. This configuration is available only in the command-line interface.

  • Node selection during an update. It is now possible to update cluster nodes in a particular order, for example, to reduce maintenance windows for hosted services.

  • Additional maintenance mode options. Now, you can configure maintenance mode options for nodes during an update. Namely, you can decide how to live migrate virtual machines when a node enters the maintenance mode.

3. Bug Fixes

  • The MDS service may be unstable under a high load condition. (VSTOR-45315)

  • A deadlock is possible between atomic and non-atomic commands in the iSCSI kernel module. (VSTOR-43126)

  • The “Disk write cache is enabled” alert does not disappear after disabling disk write cache. (VSTOR-45236)

  • Stale Open vSwitch flows may break a VM network after a live migration. (VSTOR-45194)

  • Failed to move a network with the “OSTOR private” traffic type from one interface to another. (VSTOR-45077)

  • Failed to update to version 4.6 if a network has no assigned traffic types. (VSTOR-44870)

  • Cannot failover a highly available load balancer if both its amphora VMs are in the error state. (VSTOR-44768)

  • Some I/O operations may hang in a storage cluster with erasure coding. (VSTOR-45111)

  • A backup may fail with the error “[Archive Server]: storage request timeout.” (VSTOR-44747)

  • Detection of slow disks works inside virtual environments. (VSTOR-44252)

  • It is possible to select a routed network during a VM creation in the self-service panel. (VSTOR-44138)

  • A VM has no network after the network reconfiguration. (VSTOR-43815)

  • Invalid quota usage is shown in the vinfra command output. (VSTOR-43648)

  • Stability and performance improvements. (VSTOR-44912, VSTOR-44747, VSTOR-44704, VSTOR-44484, VSTOR-44325, VSTOR-44094)

4. Installing the Update

You can update Virtuozzo Hybrid Infrastructure in the SETTINGS > UPDATE section of the admin panel. A reboot is required to complete the upgrade. Upgraded nodes will be rebooted automatically, one at a time. During the reboot, the storage service and the admin panel might be unavailable on cluster configurations without the redundancy of services or data.

The JSON file with the list of new and updated packages is available at