Product update: Virtuozzo 7.0 Update 13 (7.0.13-298)

Issue date: 2020-03-31

Applies to: Virtuozzo 7.0

Virtuozzo Advisory ID: VZA-2020-023

1. Overview

The Update 13 for Virtuozzo 7.0 introduces new features and provides stability and usability bug fixes. It also introduces a new kernel 3.10.0-1062.12.1.vz7.131.10.

2. New Features

  • Memory guarantees for host services. Default guarantees for the system and user memory slices help keep nodes accessible even if they are heavily overcommitted. Guarantees, as well as limits, can also be set manually by means of the ‘/etc/vz/vstorage-limits.conf’ configuration file.

  • Improved Virtuozzo Storage performance. Also added an ability to tune Virtuozzo Storage journals for improved write and read performance on SSD. Enabled with the ‘-T ssd’ option during CS or journal creation.

  • Ability to live-migrate containers running Oracle Database 11g Release 2 and Oracle Database 18c XE.

3. Bug Fixes

  • ‘pstorage-target’ files are left over after successful migrations of VMs on Virtuozzo Storage from Virtuozzo Automator. (PSBM-95072)

  • Container could hang while trying to get access to an offline NFS share. (PSBM-99181)

  • Various disk-related operations on containers could fail on ‘ploop balloon discard’ due to e4defrag2 failures. (PSBM-100737)

  • Live migration of Windows-based EFI VMs located on Virtuozzo Storage could fail with error “Unable to execute QEMU command ‘cont’: Could not reopen file: Device or resource busy”. (PSBM-101520)

  • Container could fail on start after migration and HDD size increase. (PSBM-101842)

  • Container could fail to start due to ploop mount issues. (PSBM-101843)

  • Container with certain applications and NFS mounts could fail to migrate due with a CRIU error “Error (criu/net.c:1587): net: Can’t restore link: -17”. (PSBM-102057)

  • Container migration could fail due to a CRIU issue related to ipset migration. (PSBM-100083)

  • Need to automatically remove inconsistent bitmaps during image checks. (PSBM-100110)

  • Node could crash due to low serial console speed. (PSBM-100118)

  • Node crash due to an issue with ‘nft_rbtree_lookup’. (PSBM-101492)

  • Running pfcached.service could slow down a node with a lot of running containers. (PSBM-101530)

  • Other fixes. (PSBM-99907, PSBM-99764, PSBM-99432, PSBM-99400, PSBM-97931, PSBM-96249, PSBM-90491, PSBM-78693, PSBM-102336, PSBM-101836, PSBM-101658, PSBM-101636, PSBM-101605, PSBM-101526, PSBM-101433, PSBM-101397, PSBM-101172, PSBM-101145, PSBM-101125, PSBM-101043, PSBM-100991, PSBM-100938, PSBM-100902, PSBM-100775, PSBM-100768, PSBM-100509, PSBM-100439)

4. Installing the Update

To update nodes that are not in Virtuozzo Storage clusters, install the update with ‘yum update’. Reboot the host and switch to the new kernel.

To update nodes in Virtuozzo Storage clusters, do the following:

<ol>- Install the update on all nodes with ‘yum update’. Do not restart the nodes yet. - Wait until all MDS services are updated. Check the output of ‘vstorage -c stat’. All MDS services must have the ‘BUILD_VERSION’ 7.10. - Restart the updated nodes one at a time. </ol> The JSON file with the list of new and updated packages is available at