Product update: Virtuozzo Storage 2.3 (2.3.0-91)

Issue date: 2017-12-12

Applies to: Virtuozzo Storage 2.3

Virtuozzo Advisory ID: VZA-2017-112

1. Overview

Virtuozzo Storage 2.3 provides new features and stability enhancements.

2. New Features

  • Support for Object Storage (S3, Azure, Swift, etc.) by Acronis Backup Gateway. Users can now store Acronis Backup Cloud backups in external object storages via Acronis Backup Gateway. Supported object storages include Microsoft Azure, Amazon S3, IBM Cloud, Alibaba Cloud, IIJ, Softlayer, Cleversafe, as well as other solutions using the S3 or Swift protocol.

  • Automated backup data migration from Acronis Storage Gateway v1.x via Acronis Backup Gateway. It is now possible to migrate backup data from the older Acronis Storage Gateway solutions to storage backends supported by Acronis Backup Gateway. Migration is performed without service interruption.

  • NFS support. Users can now store general purpose files in Virtuozzo Storage cluster via the NFSv4 and pNFS protocols. Also supported now is Kerberos and LDAP integration with NFS for user authentication and authorization.

  • Acronis Backup Gateway geo-replication (technical availability). Virtuozzo Storage 2.3 provides the technical availability of master-slave geo-replication of backup storage. For now, this feature can only be configured by the technical support team.

  • E-mail notifications configured in the Virtuozzo Storage management panel. It is now possible to receive e-mails about cluster alerts, including license expiration, node/disk failure, and such.

  • Quality of service for iSCSI in Virtuozzo Storage. It is now possible to set limits on IOPS and network bandwidth per iSCSI target.

  • S3 geo-replication in Virtuozzo Storage. Virtuozzo Storage can now store and keep up-to-date replicas of data in multiple geographically distributed datacenters with S3 clusters based on Virtuozzo Storage. Geo-replication works in the Active-Active mode.

  • Custom SSL certificates for the Virtuozzo Storage management panel. Users can now install custom SSL certificates via the management panel to enable secure access to it.

  • Improved Acronis Backup Gateway monitoring. It is now possible to monitor Acronis Backup gateway traffic as well as replication and migration backlog and speed.

  • Other improvements: Better stability on large clusters (more than 500 nodes or 10PB of data); Reduced WebCP backend resource consumption; Improved WebCP user experience: WebCP localization support (English and Russian); Ability to forcibly delete the Acronis Backup Gateway cluster without unregistering it from Acronis Backup Cloud; Better overall stability and higher object storage performance.

3. Installing the Update

You can update Virtuozzo Storage by running ‘yum clean all && yum update -y’ on each node. After the entire cluster is updated, you will need to reboot cluster nodes one at a time. During the reboot, the storage service might be unavailable on cluster configurations without services or data redundancy.

The JSON file with the list of new and updated packages is available at