Kernel security update: Virtuozzo ReadyKernel patch 88.0 for Virtuozzo 7.0.7

Issue date: 2019-10-01

Applies to: Virtuozzo 7.0

Virtuozzo Advisory ID: VZA-2019-076

1. Overview

The cumulative Virtuozzo ReadyKernel patch was updated with security and stability fixes. The patch applies to the kernel 3.10.0-693.17.1.vz7.43.10 (Virtuozzo 7.0.7). NOTE: No more patches are planned for this kernel, support for which ends with this update.

2. Security Fixes

  • [Moderate] megaraid_sas: potential kernel crash due to a NULL pointer dereference in megasas_free_cmds(). A flaw was found in ‘megaraid_sas’ kernel module. NULL pointer dereference can occur in megasas_free_cmds() function due incorrect error handling in megasas_alloc_cmds(). An attacker could exploit this to trigger a kernel crash. (CVE-2019-11810)

3. Bug Fixes

  • memcg: race condition between reparenting and kmem uncharging. It was discovered that a race condition was possible between kmem uncharging and mem_cgroup_reparent_charges(). A kernel warning would be triggered as a result. (PSBM-97012)

4. Installing the Update

Download, install, and immediately apply the patch to the current kernel by running ‘readykernel update’.