Product update: Virtuozzo 7.0 Update 9 Hotfix 1 (7.0.9-539)

Issue date: 2019-03-05

Applies to: Virtuozzo 7.0

Virtuozzo Advisory ID: VZA-2019-014

1. Overview

The Hotfix 1 for for Virtuozzo 7.0.9 provides stability and usability bug fixes.

2. Bug Fixes

  • Provided updated packages for Object Storage (S3). (PSBM-92228)

  • A few unused role names were shown and could be assigned on the network interface settings screen in Virtuozzo Storage. (PSBM-92227)

3. Installing the Update

Install the update as follows: (1) run ‘yum update’ on each node, one node at a time; (2) on the first node, run ‘prlctl enter vstorage-ui’ to enter the management panel container then run ‘yum clean all && yum update -y’ inside the container.

The JSON file with the list of new and updated packages is available at