Product update: Virtuozzo Infrastructure Platform 2.5 Update 5 (2.5.0-1639)

Issue date: 2019-04-05

Applies to: Virtuozzo Infrastructure Platform 2.5

Virtuozzo Advisory ID: VZA-2019-025

1. Overview

This update provides a new feature as well as stability and usability fixes.

2. New Features

  • S3: Added support for GET Bucket V2 API.

3. Bug Fixes

  • The same data path ID was assigned to VLAN interfaces in OVS bridges. (VSTOR-20558)

  • Unable to update storage license. (VSTOR-20913)

  • Under certain circumstances, accounting of S3 space usage was incorrect. (VSTOR-21089)

  • Improved performance of requests to obtain information about CSes. (VSTOR-21354)

  • High availability logs could occupy a lot of space. (VSTOR-21462)

  • The xcopy operation did not work correctly when moving VMs between different datastore tiers placed on the same iSCSI target. (VSTOR-21518)

  • Some graphs could be empty or not shown in the monitoring dashboard after a node crash. (VSTOR-21603)

  • The automatic reporting tool could leave reports in ‘/var/tmp/report.tar.gz’. (VSTOR-21624)

  • Custom firewall rules could disappear after a restart of the iptables service. (VSTOR-21674)

  • Stability and performance improvements. (VSTOR-5197, VSTOR-18477, VSTOR-18658, VSTOR-20087, VSTOR-20304, VSTOR-20333, VSTOR-20757, VSTOR-21023, VSTOR-21089, VSTOR-21155, VSTOR-21199, VSTOR-21418, VSTOR-21493, VSTOR-21718, VSTOR-21730, VSTOR-21783, VSTOR-21812, VSTOR-21835, VSTOR-21844)

4. Installing the Update

You can update Virtuozzo Infrastructure Platform in the SETTINGS > UPDATE section of the admin panel. A reboot is required to complete the update if your cluster is running iSCSI services. Updated nodes need to be rebooted manually, one at a time. During the reboot, the storage service might be unavailable on cluster configurations without the redundancy of services or data.

The JSON file with the list of new and updated packages is available at