Virtuozzo Hybrid Infrastructure 6.1 Hotfix 1 (6.1.0-247)

Issue date: 2024-04-11

Applies to: Virtuozzo Hybrid Infrastructure 6.1

Virtuozzo Advisory ID: VZA-2024-014

1. Overview

In this release, Virtuozzo Hybrid Infrastructure enables selective updates of specific Kubernetes node groups, as well as provides stability and performance improvements.

2. New Features

  • [Compute service] Selective worker group updates for Kubernetes. Now, users can select specific Kubernetes worker groups for updating the Kubernetes version. This decreases the required maintenance window for applications running inside Kubernetes, as well as makes the update process more stable.

3. Bug Fixes

  • Cannot filter backup plans by using the “Disabled” status. (VSTOR-83526)

  • Added Grafana dashboards for the nginx metrics. (VSTOR-83662)

  • Provided more system metadata for S3 requests. (VSTOR-83728)

  • Fixed an RDMA issue with the splice buffer. (VSTOR-83964)

  • The pre-update checks fail with the error “internal endpoint for container service was not found.” (VSTOR-83986)

  • The software update error was not reset after retrying. (VSTOR-84007)

  • Backup plans with the “Disabled” status are not displayed in the admin panel. (VSTOR-84267)

  • Decreased the period of a database cleanup. (VSTOR-84366)

  • The license expiration date is not displayed correctly. (VSTOR-84431)

4. Installing the Update

You can update Virtuozzo Hybrid Infrastructure in the SETTINGS > UPDATES section of the admin panel. Maintenance is required to obtain this update.

The source of this advisory is available in the JSON file.