Virtuozzo Hybrid Infrastructure 6.0 (6.0.0-243)

Issue date: 2023-11-27

Applies to: Virtuozzo Hybrid Infrastructure 6.0

Virtuozzo Advisory ID: VZA-2023-039

1. Overview

In this release, Virtuozzo Hybrid Infrastructure provides an upgrade of the Linux distribution, kernel, and toolset packages. This release also contains a range of new features that cover storage performance, object storage, as well as monitoring and alerts. Additionally, this release delivers stability improvements and addresses issues found in previous releases.

2. New Features

  • [Operating system upgrade] Rebase to Linux kernel 5.14. Virtuozzo Hybrid Infrastructure now runs on Linux kernel 5.14 with newer distribution tools and packages.

  • [Operating system upgrade] Updated hardware support. With the new kernel version, the product becomes compatible with all modern hardware platforms, adapters, and drivers.

  • [Operating system upgrade] Enhanced security. The upgrade includes all security updates and resolutions of security issues for major vulnerabilities found by the Linux community.

  • [Compute service] Significantly increased the speed of VM live migration.

  • [Object storage] Compatibility with Simple Notification Service (SNS) messaging. Now, the object storage service can be configured to send notifications and event data to a remote AMQP, Kafka, or generic HTTP server.

  • [Alerts and monitoring] Reworked compute service monitoring. The Grafana dashboards for the compute services have been reworked to monitor service degradation.

  • [Core storage] Erasure coding performance boost. Improved performance of the erasure coding algorithm by disabling the default offload to a separate thread. Additionally, this improvement offers higher performance for Intel CPUs that use the Advanced Vector Extensions 512-bit (AVX-512) instruction set automatically.

3. Important Notes

  • To be able to update your cluster without service downtime, your hardware must be supported. Virtuozzo Hybrid Infrastructure with the new kernel works on the same hardware that is recommended for Red Hat Enterprise Linux. Ensure that the hardware you are using or going to use has the required certification for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 9.

  • Starting from this release, Virtuozzo Hybrid Infrastructure introduces a limit of 150 snapshots per volume, to prevent issues with virtual machines (VSTOR-73972). If you exceed this limit, the upgrade eligibility check shows the problem ‘Maximum snapshots count per volume is 150.’ To proceed with the upgrade, you need to delete extra snapshots.

  • If you are using an SSH client for Windows, the SSH connection to hardware nodes may fail with the error ‘Server refused public-key signature despite accepting key!’ after an upgrade to version 6.0. In this case, please try updating your SSH client.

4. Bug Fixes

  • The validation error for adding nodes to the compute cluster contains no details. (VSTOR-46205)

  • A cluster update fails when the shaman service has been suspended twice with the same token. (VSTOR-49249)

  • Cannot detach or delete volumes in the reserved state. (VSTOR-58104)

  • A disk is shown as releasing in the admin panel after a forced cancel of the release task in the command-line interface. (VSTOR-59834)

  • The OpenStack command ‘server list’ does not show flavor information. (VSTOR-59878)

  • Reworked the ‘OpenStack service API is down’ alert and added missing services, such as Glance, to the ‘Compute service status’ Grafana dashboard. (VSTOR-61525)

  • Fixed a false-positive alert that appears when the journal size exceeds the recommended value. (VSTOR-61840)

  • Reworked the ‘Image uploading’ permission so that self-service users can delete images. (VSTOR-64248)

  • Deleting high availability router ports should be prohibited. (VSTOR-65144)

  • Fixed the false-positive alert ‘S3 Gateway service has high cancel request rate.’ (VSTOR-67027)

  • For security reasons, newly created Kubernetes worker groups now use an internal IP address instead of a floating IP address. Existing worker groups need to be recreated to apply this fix. (VSTOR-67925)

  • A crash may occur in the iSCSI kernel module. (VSTOR-68776)

  • The error message for deleting an RBAC policy is unclear. (VSTOR-69748)

  • Improved error messages for volume snapshot creation and resize when backup export is in progress. (VSTOR-69852, VSTOR-72447)

  • The RabbitMQ DNS records are not cleaned up after removing a node from the high availability configuration. (VSTOR-70432)

  • Backup storage geo-replication may not work as expected. (VSTOR-70531)

  • After assigning the NFS traffic type to a network, the NFS service is not accessible on ports 111 and 892. (VSTOR-70629)

  • The Backup Gateway service may get stuck during a shutdown. (VSTOR-70897)

  • Kubernetes labels do not support values in quotes. (VSTOR-73315)

  • There is no alert for database backup issues if high availability is configured and the database is corrupted. (VSTOR-73448)

  • A load balancer may get stuck in the pending state after a disaster during an automatic failover. (VSTOR-74138)

  • Open vSwitch can reset the Octavia interface MTU to a bridge minimum value, which may lead to different load balancer issues. (VSTOR-74224)

  • In some cases, the network connectivity issues alert may be missing. (VSTOR-74569)

  • The ‘Assign floating IP address’ dialog may show an incorrect list of virtual machines and load balancers. (VSTOR-74959)

  • The command output for ‘vinfra service compute floatingip show’ does not show server name and ID. (VSTOR-74963)

  • Cannot change the storage policy of a CD/DVD volume in the management panel during a VM creation. (VSTOR-76042)

  • After renaming a domain, cannot create a VM in the self-service panel. (VSTOR-76913)

5. Known Issues

  • During the update, you may receive false-positive alerts. Please wait until the update installation is complete, as the raised alerts will be cleared automatically. (VSTOR-67373)

  • It is possible to use SMR and standard disks in the same tier. (VSTOR-67544)

  • Changing the compute and high availability configuration is prohibited in a partially upgraded cluster. If you want to perform this operation, please plan it before or after the upgrade. (VSTOR-75839)

  • VM live migration is not possible from a node with version 6.0 to a node with version 5.4. (VSTOR-75277)

  • A virtual machine with Windows Server does not boot if Hyper-V is installed on it. (VSTOR-77901)

6. Installing the Update

You can upgrade Virtuozzo Hybrid Infrastructure 5.4 to 6.0 in the SETTINGS > UPDATES section of the admin panel. A reboot is required to obtain this update. Note that this release is rolled out gradually to different locations, not to all at once.

The source of this advisory is available in the JSON file.