Virtuozzo Hybrid Infrastructure 5.3 Update 1 (5.3.1-38)

Issue date: 2022-12-13

Applies to: Virtuozzo Hybrid Infrastructure 5.3

Virtuozzo Advisory ID: VZA-2022-035

1. Overview

This update provides new features for security, monitoring, and the compute service, as well as bug fixes and improvements.

2. New Features

  • [Security] Data-in-transit encryption. To protect networks against eavesdropping attacks and traffic hijacking, Virtuozzo Hybrid Infrastructure supports data-in-transit encryption between cluster nodes. Data transmitted over a network is encrypted by using the AES-128 standard.

  • [Compute service] Added support for Oracle Linux 7 as a guest operating system.

  • [Monitoring] Added a set of metrics for monitoring backup storage migration.

  • [Monitoring] Added metrics and alerts for monitoring backup storage certificates.

3. Bug Fixes

  • It is impossible to start a cluster update after an eligibility check failure. (VSTOR-60452)

  • A stability fix for Windows 2016/2019 virtual machines on specific CPUs. (VSTOR-60459)

  • Fixes the false-positive alerts ‘Docker service is down,’ ‘Node is offline,’ and ‘Master metadata service changes too often’ that appear during an update. (VSTOR-60448)

  • Added dashboards and metrics for the load balancer and Kubernetes API status. (VSTOR-60387)

  • The Neutron, Cinder, and Nova dashboards may show ‘No data.’ (VSTOR-59696)

  • Reconfiguration of the compute cluster during an update should be prohibited, to avoid possible issues. (VSTOR-59751)

  • Fixes autodetection of the image type while uploading images via vinfra. (VSTOR-59617)

  • If the object storage is deleted, the critical alert ‘Object storage has failed’ should not be raised. (VSTOR-59562)

  • Fixes the false-positive alert ‘Volume mismatch’ for detached ISO volumes. (VSTOR-59433)

  • Cannot manage a virtual machine due to temporary snapshot leftovers after live migration. (VSTOR-48706)

  • An error message is not displayed when a node release from the compute cluster conflicts with another operation. (VSTOR-60304)

  • Important stability and performance improvements. (VSTOR-51731, VSTOR-59728, VSTOR-59315, VSTOR-54550, VSTOR-56757, VSTOR-59985, VSTOR-60626, VSTOR-60551, VSTOR-60529, VSTOR-60315, VSTOR-60134, VSTOR-59933, VSTOR-59646)

4. Installing the Update

You can update Virtuozzo Hybrid Infrastructure in the SETTINGS > UPDATE section of the admin panel. A reboot is not required to obtain this update.

The source of this advisory is available in the JSON file.