Virtuozzo Hybrid Infrastructure 5.4 Update 1 (5.4.1-59)

Issue date: 2022-03-29

Applies to: Virtuozzo Hybrid Infrastructure 5.4

Virtuozzo Advisory ID: VZA-2023-009

1. Overview

This update provides new features, as well as stability fixes for the compute and core storage services.

2. New Features

  • [Compute service] Configuring CPU features for virtual machines. Now, it is possible to enable or disable CPU feature flags for virtual machines, to avoid live migration compatibility issues across compute nodes, as well as to control nested virtualization.

  • [Object storage] Support for S3 object expiration actions. Added the possibility to delete S3 objects by prefix. Deleting objects by tag is not available.

  • [Updates] Hardware compatibility check. Before upgrading to the next major release, you can manually check your hardware for compatibility with the new Linux kernel.

3. Important Notes

  • Starting from the next major release, Virtuozzo Hybrid Infrastructure will run on Linux kernel 5.x. To be able to update your cluster without service downtime, your hardware must be supported. Virtuozzo Hybrid Infrastructure with the new kernel works on the same hardware that is recommended for Red Hat Enterprise Linux. Ensure that the hardware you are using or going to use has the required certification for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 9.

  • During the update, you may receive false-positive alerts. Please wait until the update installation is complete, as the raised alerts will be cleared automatically.

4. Bug Fixes

  • A VM creation fails with the error ‘Unable to update the attachment.’ (VSTOR-62742)

  • Some charts in the admin panel or Grafana dashboard may be empty. (VSTOR-65824)

  • After a failed high availability reconfiguration, the compute cluster may be stuck in the reconfiguring state. (VSTOR-65587)

  • VM firewall rules for ICMP are not validated in the management panels. (VSTOR-63334)

  • Disables unnecessary analytics in Grafana. (VSTOR-63220)

  • Fixes floating IP quota usage. (VSTOR-62996)

  • Cluster operations in the admin panel and via vinfra may fail with the error ‘ValueError: ‘registering’ is not a valid State.’ (VSTOR-62984)

  • Geo-replication does not proceed after all problems are resolved. (VSTOR-62572)

  • Impossible to add a node to the compute cluster if it was configured with the ‘HostPassthrough’ CPU model. (VSTOR-60477)

  • Stability fixes for the core storage, Backup Gateway, and compute services. (VSTOR-63249, VSTOR-63248, VSTOR-62831, VSTOR-62165, VSTOR-60887, VSTOR-62315)

5. Installing the Update

You can update Virtuozzo Hybrid Infrastructure in the SETTINGS > UPDATE section of the admin panel. A reboot is not required to obtain this update.

The new and updated packages are listed in the JSON file.